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About Infrastructure

School Building

Building is spacious, well planned with good architectural features. There is good ventilation in all the classrooms along with facilities like fans, lights, benches, chairs, backboard, etc. There are also facilities such as laboratories, art and crafts workshops, multimedia room, school office, theatre and many more.


The backbone of any school’s infrastructure is the classroom. There is an adequate classrooms and it is pleasant with good painting and decorations. The front wall have an appropriate blackboard. The wall have built in cupboards for keeping books and others important things.


It plays an important part in the learning process of the school as it’s a counterpart of the schools infrastructure. It is located in a place where it’s quiet and calm with a soothing ambience for the students to concentrate better.

Science Laboratories

These are the times of innovations which call for scientific temperament to be nurtured among students in their formative years. Thus, fully equipped and suitably-designed laboratories for various subjects be it physics, chemistry, biology or home science are very much the need of the hour. For is reason, this component has also gained prominence as a key component in any modern–age school infrastructure’s checklist.


The location of a school has an enormous significance, and it has been set up in a suitable atmosphere. It is far away from the noises and the polluting atmosphere where the child can easily absorb what is being taught in school. The ambience is calm, spacious with good amenities and utilities in a visually appealing landscape. The school have enough lighting, useful facilities such as libraries, toilets, playground, sinks, multipurpose rooms, work areas, lockers, storage spaces, teachers, administration, etc.

English Language Lab

T. C. INTERNATIONAL has world class English language lab software integrated with information technology techniques to impart high standards in language teaching and learning. It is high quality multimedia based content, with proven teaching methodologies and an array of comprehensive study materials. This multimedia language lab system offers exclusive, result-oriented and fail-safe means to enrich language skills of students.

Music Room

Music education plays an important role in a child’s overall development intellectually, socially, and emotionally. Music offers creative challenges and aesthetic appreciation as well as self-expression and self-discovery opportunities.
To foster emotional and practical maturity, personal and intellectual development in students’, our school emphasizes on imparting appropriate music lessons in classical, folk and western genres. Practical maturity is gained by the students at TCI through music education where they learn time management, self-assessment, the ability to accept criticism and self-evaluate further. Music develops critical thinking skills and make the students excellent problem solvers. Music is also a form of art, and TCI never falls short in finding and promoting individual’s talent of expressing his/her thoughts through the medium of art.
Music plays a vital role in fostering personality trails and helps students to enrich their intelligence which would lead them to their own path of success.

Dance Room

The school provides a conducive and creative environment for the holistic development of every child, so that they learn and respect the Indian culture and traditions. Talented , versatile and well trained faculty members from different art forms, guide , train and motivate the amateur artists to explore their hidden talents and subsequently nurture them to transform them into skilled performers .The students are offered a varied number of choices to choose from like:
Dance (Classical, folk and creative styles)

Smart Classroom

Smart Class is a comprehensive solution designed to assist teachers in meeting with their day to day classroom challenges and enhancing students academic performance with simple, practical and meaningful use of technology. Smart Class provides teachers with instant access to multimedia content and instruction materials mapped exactly to the specific curriculum guidelines for use in class. It also enables teachers to instantly assess and evaluate the learning achieved by their students in class with innovative use of technology. Smart Class helps teachers to ensure that every child in the class is learning, given the wide diversity of learning styles in the classroom. It is also highly efficient in maintaining students' interest and engagement in learning inside the classroom. Smart Class simplifies the problems of teaching, abstract curriculum concepts that are difficult for students to visualize or relate to, through the provision of three-dimensional, interactive multimedia modules.

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