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Message From Director

Parents, Guardians, Teachers, Staff, Students, and Well-wishers, I am delighted to extend my heartfelt greetings to each one of you as we come together on the digital platform of T.C.International School. As the Director of this esteemed institution, I take immense pride in leading a team of passionate educators and dedicated staff who are committed to providing the best possible educational experience to our students. Our mission is not merely to impart knowledge but to ignite a lifelong love for learning, foster creativity, and develop essential life skills that will empower our students to thrive in an ever-evolving world. At T.C.International School, we firmly believe that every child is unique and possesses untapped potential waiting to be unleashed. As such, we strive to create a nurturing and inclusive environment that encourages curiosity and exploration, allowing each student to discover their strengths and passions. Our approach to education is rooted in the understanding that academic excellence goes hand in hand with character development and values. We emphasize the importance of integrity, empathy, resilience, and compassion, molding our students into responsible global citizens who contribute positively to society. As we embrace the possibilities of technology and innovation, we also cherish the importance of traditional values and human connections. Our classrooms are not just spaces for learning but places where minds are ignited, dreams are nurtured, and lasting memories are formed. To our dedicated and exceptional faculty, I express my deep appreciation for your commitment and hard work. Your unwavering dedication to excellence and your passion for teaching play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our students. To the parents and guardians, I extend my gratitude for your constant support and trust in our vision. Your involvement in your child’s education and active participation in school activities strengthen the foundation of their success. To the students, I encourage you to be curious, fearless in your pursuit of knowledge, and compassionate in your interactions. Remember that education is not just about grades but about developing a thirst for learning that lasts a lifetime. As we move forward on this journey of educational excellence, we will continue to evolve and adapt to the changing times. Our commitment to providing a safe and inspiring environment for learning remains steadfast, and we are excited to explore new opportunities that will shape the future of education. I invite all members of our school community and well-wishers to join hands with us as we collectively embark on this quest for knowledge, growth, and progress. Together, let us create a future where our students shine as beacons of hope and knowledge. Thank you for your continued support and trust in T.C.International School. We are among some prestigious schools of India. It is an innovative co-educational school that offers CBSE curriculum well integrated with best practices of Global Education System.

Best Regards, Kumud Sharma Director T.C.International School

Best Regards,
Kumud Sharma 
T.C.International School

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